Providing Surgical Services To Disadvantaged Children Of The World

Our mission is to promote and provide excellent surgical care to disadvantaged children of the world. We strive to provide surgical services to children of other countries whose access to surgical care is limited due to resource or financial constraints, remote location, governmental or cultural barriers, or a variety of other medical/societal problems. In addition to direct surgical care, Operation KidDocs provides education to local physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.

We have had families walk 20 miles from their tiny village

in the mountains to the surgery center carrying their children. Others have taken up a collection to afford the bus fare into the city just so they can bring their sick child in for the care they need.  Like parents all over the world, they just want the best for their child.”

– Leilani Brisieno, Surgical Technician, OKD Director.

When you can help a child get over a long term illness with

a one time operation, it is immensely gratifying and it reminds you of the enormously positive impact we can all have in this world.”

– John Williams, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, OKD President

The staff of OKD volunteer their time and skills because

after surgery they see the tears of joy in the parents’ eyes and the shy smiles of appreciation from the kids whose lives have been changed forever”

– Wayne Porter, MD, Anesthesiologist, Educator

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disadvantaged children of the world.